Hi I'm Kyle. I'm an Olympic athlete in the sport of skeleton. When I'm not racing headfirst down a mountain of ice at 90 miles per hour, I like to write, code, and read good books.

2015 Lake Placid World Cup

Starting the World Cup season this late in December is a bit unusual, but I’m thankful for the delay. It gave me a chance get some experience on my new sled.

There’s always added pressure for home World Cup races, but our team did very well. All 5 American athletes finished in the top 10. I’m happy with my result despite a few mistakes at the top of the track on both runs. In the video above you can see my sled drift to the left between curves 1-2 around the 19:16 mark, which wasn’t an ideal setup for curve 3. I was able to correct this quickly without too much trouble, and the rest of the run was good. 4th place at the bottom!

Run 2

On run 2, I again had issues with curve 3, but it was on the exit. You can see (and hear) the sled skid around the 42:36 mark. Then things got a little wild out of curve 12 at 42:56. I was off the pace before that point, so I think the skid at the top killed my chances of a top 4 finish.

Overall I’m pleased with the result, and now looking forward to a great week in Calgary for World Cup #2.